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The best heating for landlords is infrared

Herschel Select XL kachels in een studio appartement

What is the best heating for landlords? Landlords are frequently choosing infrared as the best heating solution for both themselves, in terms of ease of install, maintenance and a lower carbon footprint and also for their tenants for reasons of design, space, comfort and efficiency. Our latest video testimonial comes from a landlord with a…Lees verder

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The HOTTEST bathroom heating around!

Herschel badkamerspiegelverwarmer die niet beslaat en schimmel helpt verminderen

Bathroom heating with Dual heating technology from Herschel. Our new Select XL Towel Heater provides the ideal choice for bathrooms with one part of the heater ensuring the room is heated and cosy and a lower energy part of the heater for warming your towels. The perfect solution. The Select XL Towel Heater together with…Lees verder