Verwarming thuis

Herschel Summit heating kids indoor play area

Infrared Ceiling Heaters for Indoor Play Centre

Why do Infrared ceiling heaters make so much sense for heating kids' indoor play areas? Indoor play areas for kids are increasingly popular &, typically, can be large converted warehouse spaces & retail units with high ceilings. This particular space was a former retail store. It was a large area…

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Intersolutions show, Ghent 2019

Herschel infrarood indoor & outdoor heaters op de InterSolutions beurs in Gent

Een grote mate van interesse voor Herschel IR indoor & outdoor heaters op de InterSolutions beurs in Gent. Steeds meer ( solar ) installateurs zien de cross-selling mogelijkheden en voordelen van infraroodverwarming in combinatie met zonne-energie. Met dank aan onze partner Rexel. 

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Selecteer plafond gemonteerd in keuken

What’s different about infrared heating for renovation projects?

More & more homeowners are choosing infrared heating for the wide range of benefits it offers renovation, retrofit & new build projects.  So why's it different & why does it make such a compelling heat solution for renovation projects? The answer is simple. Herschel heaters are super-slimline, energy efficient and…

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Herschel Pulsar heating the hospitality sector

The trusted name for heating the hospitality sector

Heating businesses by infrared, in the hospitality and leisure sector, has long been a popular choice throughout Europe. This trend has followed more recently in the UK market as businesses recognise and reap the benefits that this efficient, stylish form of radiant heating from Herschel has to offer. So why…

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Herschel badkamerspiegelverwarmer die niet beslaat en schimmel helpt verminderen

The HOTTEST bathroom heating around!

Bathroom heating with Dual heating technology from Herschel. Our new Select XL Towel Heater provides the ideal choice for bathrooms with one part of the heater ensuring the room is heated and cosy and a lower energy part of the heater for warming your towels. The perfect solution. The Select…

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Habitat show

Habitat beurs te Luik

Blij dat Herschel infrarood vertegenwoordigd was door Direct Elec tijdens de afgelopen Habitat beurs te Luik. Altijd een populair event en dit jaar was het  niet anders. Veel belangstelling van klanten die willen praten over hun renovatie- en bouwprojecten en hoe Herschel infrarood voor hen kan werken bij het leveren van een efficiënte,…

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Renewable energy

Exploring Eco Heating options – Friends of the Earth report

Friends of the Earth lead campaigns dedicated to protecting the natural world, & the wellbeing of everyone in it, against environmental problems. They target global action for change. The creation of a greener climate is a priority for all, as is the need to build awareness of changes that can…

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the future is electric with SAP10

SAP10 is coming & the Future is Electric

SAP is a topical subject currently! The current method for calculating the energy performance of dwellings is based on SAP2012 & uses out of date information to assess the impact of electric heating on building design. The good news is things are changing with the proposed introduction of SAP10 in…

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Herschel iQ Hub and App

Smart heating control with App-enabled Herschel iQ

Our aim at Herschel is to keep enhancing our range with new technology & products to make it easier to stay warm, cosy & efficient. The new range of App-enabled iQ* allows you to create whichever heating schedule you wish from wherever you are, whether it be abroad or sat on…

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Herschel P4 Industrial heating

Dalradian Chooses Herschel for Heating a Warehouse

"We only need to heat a specific area of the warehouse & the area is not in constant use. Herschel Infrared is the ideal industrial heating solution, providing comfort when & where needed.” Dalradian is a gold exploration & development company. For the past nine years Dalradian Gold Ltd. has…

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