Hernieuwbare energie

Herschel infraroodpanelen geïnstalleerd op plafond van COP26-huis

Briljante eerste dag op COP26 voor Beyond Zero Homes

[vc_column width="1/2"]Fantastische openingsdag voor ons Beyond Zero Homes COP26 huis in Glasgow. Super indrukwekkend om te zien hoe deze CO2-vrije houtskeletbouwwoning in het centrum van Glasgow in een tijdsbestek van acht weken is gebouwd en voltooid, ter voorbereiding op de VN-top over klimaatverandering. De installatie van onze Herschel infrarood paneelverwarmers…

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Renewable energy

Exploring Eco Heating options – Friends of the Earth report

Friends of the Earth lead campaigns dedicated to protecting the natural world, & the wellbeing of everyone in it, against environmental problems. They target global action for change. The creation of a greener climate is a priority for all, as is the need to build awareness of changes that can…

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charlieluxton Eco Self Build

Towards Zero Carbon heating with Infrared – download our white paper

Clean, renewable energy is a growing & key part of the UK energy mix. Climate policy & subsidy support have driven the growth in renewable electricity over the last decade and growth is now driven by sound economics. Zero carbon heating is not only a possibility but a reality with…

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Een ver-infrarood verwarmingspaneel review van een tevreden Herschel-klant

Far Infrared Heating review: a customer keen to share the benefits

One of the best ways to understand whether a new product or service is right for you is through feedback from other customers. Direct customer testimonials can provide a real insight into what infrared heating is and whether its suitable for you. That's why we jumped at the chance to…

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Inspire panels in a factory provide sustainable low energy heating

Why infrared is energy efficient electric heating

Whilst electricity represents the most efficient form of heating, it has historically also been the most expensive.  This has now changed...... and consumers are actively seeking energy efficient electric heating solutions for their homes or commercial environments. Infrared heating offers a long life, low maintenance, low running cost electric solution…

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