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BBC Two ‘Your Home Made Perfect’ heeft onze infraroodstralers voor tuinkamers

Your Home Made Perfect TV installeert Herschel infrarood verwarming voor de tuinkamer

Blij om de nieuwste aflevering van ‘Your Home Made Perfect’ te zien, op BBC2, met Herschel infraroodstralers voor tuinkamers tijdens hun meest recente renovatie van het pand. De tv-presentator beschrijft hoe de winnende architect is “gegaan voor een energiezuinig verwarmingssysteem dat ruimte vrijmaakt voor muren die meestal wordt bedekt door radiatoren”. Laura Jane Clark, tv-architect,…Lees verder

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Herschel infraroodverwarmers op ‘DIY SOS: The Big Build’ Children in Need Special

As seen on TV Herschel at DIY SOS

Houd BBC One for the Children in Need Special of DIY SOS in de gaten. We waren verheugd om onze infraroodstralers, met een waarde van meer dan £ 6k, te schenken aan Nightsafe, een liefdadigheidsinstelling in Blackburn die tijdelijke huisvesting biedt voor dakloze en kwetsbare jongeren. Het project was de renovatie van een oude kerkzaal…Lees verder

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The trusted name for heating the hospitality sector

Herschel Pulsar heating the hospitality sector

Heating businesses by infrared, in the hospitality and leisure sector, has long been a popular choice throughout Europe. This trend has followed more recently in the UK market as businesses recognise and reap the benefits that this efficient, stylish form of radiant heating from Herschel has to offer. So why has it become so popular?…Lees verder

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Exploring Eco Heating options – Friends of the Earth report

Renewable energy

Friends of the Earth lead campaigns dedicated to protecting the natural world, & the wellbeing of everyone in it, against environmental problems. They target global action for change. The creation of a greener climate is a priority for all, as is the need to build awareness of changes that can be made to help enable…Lees verder

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SAP10 is coming & the Future is Electric

the future is electric with SAP10

SAP is a topical subject currently! The current method for calculating the energy performance of dwellings is based on SAP2012 & uses out of date information to assess the impact of electric heating on building design. The good news is things are changing with the proposed introduction of SAP10 in 2019/20. Since 1995, all new…Lees verder

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Smart heating control with App-enabled Herschel iQ

Herschel iQ Hub and App

Our aim at Herschel is to keep enhancing our range with new technology & products to make it easier to stay warm, cosy & efficient. The new range of App-enabled iQ* allows you to create whichever heating schedule you wish from wherever you are, whether it be abroad or sat on your sofa at home. Our…Lees verder

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Far Infrared Heating review: a customer keen to share the benefits

Een ver-infrarood verwarmingspaneel review van een tevreden Herschel-klant

One of the best ways to understand whether a new product or service is right for you is through feedback from other customers. Direct customer testimonials can provide a real insight into what infrared heating is and whether its suitable for you. That’s why we jumped at the chance to visit our customer in his…Lees verder

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Warm, cosy bathrooms with a steam-free mirror that helps reduce damp

Do you rush out of your warm shower with a shiver, then frantically wait for your mirror to de-mist before getting on with your morning shave or makeup routine? Infrared bathroom mirror heaters from Herschel could be the answer. Shiver and wait around no longer!  Herschel bathroom mirror heaters keep your bathroom warm with radiant…Lees verder

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Transforming a cold and damp coastal home into a warm and welcoming holiday home

Herschel Select panels

Owners of a property were seeking a solution to improve the effectiveness of their heating and ensure a warm welcome on visits to their, previously cold and damp, holiday home. The home is located on Achill Island in County Mayo, the largest island off the coast of Ireland, situated off the west coast. The home…Lees verder

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Recognising the importance of Quality Compliance and Certification

Quality is key to Herschel and we are committed to ensuring the Herschel brand is recognised for its quality products, processes, support and advice. Herschel has the highest quality standards in the industry and all of our heaters are made in accordance to our exacting quality control standards enabling us to keep a full audit…Lees verder