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As seen on TV Herschel at DIY SOS

Herschel infraroodverwarmers op ‘DIY SOS: The Big Build’ Children in Need Special

Houd BBC One for the Children in Need Special of DIY SOS in de gaten. We waren verheugd om onze infraroodstralers, met een waarde van meer dan £ 6k, te schenken aan Nightsafe, een liefdadigheidsinstelling in Blackburn die tijdelijke huisvesting biedt voor dakloze en kwetsbare jongeren. Het project was de…

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Snows garage workspace heated by Herschel Advantage infrared heating

How to heat a workshop

Workshops are typically large & open spaces which can be tricky areas to heat. These have often been heated through gas & electric convection heating. These are not always effective & often prove costly given the requirement to heat the entire volume of air. Step in Herschel Infrared heating with…

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Herschel Summit heating kids indoor play area

Infrared Ceiling Heaters for Indoor Play Centre

Why do Infrared ceiling heaters make so much sense for heating kids' indoor play areas? Indoor play areas for kids are increasingly popular &, typically, can be large converted warehouse spaces & retail units with high ceilings. This particular space was a former retail store. It was a large area…

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Herschel Pulsar heating the hospitality sector

The trusted name for heating the hospitality sector

Heating businesses by infrared, in the hospitality and leisure sector, has long been a popular choice throughout Europe. This trend has followed more recently in the UK market as businesses recognise and reap the benefits that this efficient, stylish form of radiant heating from Herschel has to offer. So why…

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Herschel P4 Industrial heating

Dalradian Chooses Herschel for Heating a Warehouse

"We only need to heat a specific area of the warehouse & the area is not in constant use. Herschel Infrared is the ideal industrial heating solution, providing comfort when & where needed.” Dalradian is a gold exploration & development company. For the past nine years Dalradian Gold Ltd. has…

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Herschel infrared heating a cold workshop

How do I heat my cold studio workshop?

We recently visited a customer to find out what she thought of her Herschel Infrared, heating a workshop: how they were performing, why had she chosen Herschel infrared.  Andrea Spencer, @aspencerglass, is a glass artist who has created her work studio within an old, stone farm building.  Whilst providing an…

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Aspect XL bar heating solution

Electric heating solutions: from Offices to Bars to Glamping

Infrared electric heating solutions from Herschel can solve your heating problems, whatever your requirement. Whether it be heaters for offices, bars, hot yoga or perhaps a glamping experience Herschel can help advise a heating solution you'll be cosily impressed with. We are the UK's longest serving Infrared Heating experts and…

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Tiny home solution

Sustainable heating options with Tiny Homes on Wheels

Tiny House Solutions in Australia is a fantastic new concept in sustainable housing that were looking for sustainable heating options - and found Herschel Infrared. We are delighted to be involved with this project. Leading the way in innovative thinking, and continuing the movement towards a greener, ecologically lighter and…

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Herschel Aspect XL heaters in Boots the Chemist

Een winkel verwarmen? Infraroodverwarming verandert de manier waarop winkels worden verwarmd volledig

Als het gaat om oplossingen voor het verwarmen van een winkel, installeren vooraanstaande grote straatnamen Herschel infraroodoplossingen om hun winkelpanden te verwarmen. Infrarood biedt comfortabele warmte voor zowel klanten als personeel in grote ruimtes tijdens de koude wintermaanden, waardoor klanten langer in de winkel blijven en het personeel warm en…

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